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"Annoy tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind"- Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars). This page is dedicated to that tiny blonde one, Kristen Bell. You may know her from Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Heroes, or Reefer Madness. There is no denying this little blonde has a big heart and an even bigger talent. [No copywright intended!] *gifs are not mine*
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Kristen Bell as Sheila in Hair at the Hollywood Bowl

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Veronica Mars Movie - Theatrical Trailer [x]

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I’m a sucker for these THR roundtables

Neutrogena, Parks and Rec, Veronica Mars, and her little Blob

Kristen and Idina in the studio, for Frozen

Is it November 27th yet?

Frozen Los Angeles Premiere, El Capitan Theatre

[opens in theaters on Nov. 27]

Jonathan Groff and Kristen Bell attend the premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ ‘Frozen’at the El Capitan Theatre, 11/19

oh my God, two of my favorite humans. Cannot handle.

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